TS-608+ 8” Advanced Digital Alternating Replacement Air Mattress & Pump System

Power Unit

Patented Internal Mechanism is featured with low vibration, low noise, low power consumption and modular design for convenient production and maintenance.

The Compact Size
The system is of a compact size, making it easy for placement and storage and taking into account the streamlined system appearance and practicality.

CPC Quick Connectors
In case of power failure, CPC connectors can easily connect the ventilated tubes to keep the air in the air cells.

Memory Revert
Memory Revert is a protection measure used for the unit to automatically restore the last operation settings after a power failure or after switching from ON to Standby status. This will save the caregiver’s effort to reconfigure the settings all over again.

ABS with V-0fire-Classification Material
Strict quality control of the injection material eliminates use of recycled materials or materials not fulfilling ABS criteria, ensuring absolute isolation and fire protection.

Sturdy Double Hook
Sturdy metal material coated with protection film is capable of withstanding accidental external force or severe collision and not fracturing. Ordinary plastic materials cannot withstand such blunt force.

Mechanical Shock Absorption
The deflation pump inside is equipped with a specially designed suspension shock absorption system and a foot mat is provided outside the unit in order to reduce the shock when the unit is in contact with the patient’s bed.

Power Safety Management
Use of 3-pin detachable power plug that can be detached from the main compressor preventing loss of functions during emergency.

External Double-Fuse-Holder
The double-fuse-design ensures safety during long-term operation of the main compressor, eliminating risks of accidental injuries.

Harbored Power Switch
Position of power switch is designed with a recess on the side; therefore no extra protection is needed to prevent accidental touching of the switch in daily operations.

Filter Foam is Visible from the Outside and Easy to Replace
The filter foam can be seen from outside the main compressor, to determine if the filter is dirty and requires replacement. Since there is no need to open the main compressor, the risk of cross infection is eliminated.

Air Mattress

8”, 21 air cells allowing shortened spacing between tubes, and providing more intensive protection for our most critical body parts.

Retainer Air Cell
Retainer Air Cell to prevent air cell from being over-inflated as well to reinforce each air cell of the mattress proportionally inflated.

Friction & Shear Prevention Coverlet
Made of environmentally friendly PU-film that is non-toxic, combined with warp-and-weft woven resilient fabrics with a smooth and bump-free PU surface.

Durable Air Cells
Deformation-free and lightweight materials that can withstand a pressure over 300 mmHg.

Patented CPR Quick Valve
Patented CPR Quick Valve is equipped for fast deflation of the air mattress so as to facilitate the cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) during the emergency.

Static Head Cells No Alternating Design
Front 3 Air Cells No Alternating Design ensures no alternation at the head end to increase the comfort and security in use.

Large Elastic Bands Fixed on Four Corners
The simplest way to fix the air mattress at the existing foam pad.

The External Connecting Air Tube
The External Connecting Air Tube is protected with dust-proof sleeve so as to avoid the accumulation of dusts and stains on the surface.

Buckle Components
are designed for adjustable length which can facilitate the retraction and handling of the mattress.

Perfect Dimensions
The length, width and height of the mattress is carefully designed to match the dimensions of most hospital beds, eliminating worries regarding the bed slipping or excessive gaps, which lead to feelings of insecurity.

*Zipper Design To firmly secure the entire air cells within the coverlet.
*Side Handles Design To easily position or place the air mattress on the bed.
*Anti-slip Pad on the back of the Base To prevent mattress sliding on a glossy surface.
*Foam Pad: Optional

Power Unit

Input PowerAC110V/60Hz or AC220-240V/50Hz
Max. Power Consumption10W max
External FuseT1AL/250V
DimensionsL26 x W8 x H13 cm
WeightApprox 1.5 kg
Air Flow RateApprox 8LPM
Appliance CategoryClass I, Type BF
CertificationCE , CB , EN60601-1,EN 60601-1-2 , FCC 47 CFR PART 18

Air Mattress

DimensionsL200 x W90 x H25cm
WeightApprox 4.2 kg
Load30-200 kg
Air Cell MaterialsNylon / TPU (8″ 21 cells) 
Base MaterialsNylon 300D / TPU
Coverlet MaterialsPolyester / PU
Patented CPR Quick Air Relief ValveYes
Head end 3 hoses no alternating designFor Head & neck protection
Step 1Place the 8” air mattress evenly on the hospital bed. (Replace the overlay of the hospital bed). The end with a connector to the power unit is the feet end.
Step 2Check if the securing position of the air cells is centered. Secure the air mattress to the four-sided flat of hospital bed with the elastic bands on the four sides at the back of the air mattress.
Step 3Hang the power unit on the panel at the feet end.
Step 4Connect the hose at the feet end of the mattress to the air outlet of the unit.
Step 5Connector the power cord to the AC Inlet of the power unit.
Step 6Plug the power cord of the power unit to a socket with power supply.
Step 7Turn “ON” the power switch on the side of the power unit, air starts to enter the hose in a few seconds.
Step 8Select a setting according to the patient’s weight.
Step 9See” Power Unit Settings Contents” to select setting for your need.
Step 10Initial inflate, please wait until all the air-cells are inflated by at least 2/3 of their volume (approximate 15mmHg) or for 50 minutes before the user is allowed to lie on the mattress.

1. Check if the two ends of the power cord are safely connected to the power unit and the socket.

Solution: Confirm if the wall socket has power supply.


2. Check if the power switch on the side of the power unit is switched to “ON”.

Solution: If not, switch to “ON”.


3. Check if the fuse has burnt out or not properly installed.

Solution: Turn off the power and check the fuse.

1. Check if air comes out of the power unit and if the connector is properly connected.

Solution: If the unit operates normally but no air comes out, it is possible that the power unit has something wrong inside and needs repair.


2. Check if the CPR lid falls off.

Solution: Repair or replacement is needed if the lid is damaged.


3. Check if the mattress connector is bent or falls off.

Solution: Repair or replacement is needed if the connector is deformed and cannot be restored or the material is not in its normal state.


4. Check if the air hose is damaged.

Solution: Repair or replacement is needed if the air hose is damaged.


5.Check if the air cotton filter is heavily soiled and the air is blocked.

Solution: Replace the filter if it is heavily soiled.

1. Check weight setting.

Solution: Increase weight setting.


2. Check if air leaks from the mattress.

Solution: Replace the air cells if damaged.


3. Check if the air cotton filter is heavily soiled and the air is blocked.

Solution: Replace the filter if it is heavily soiled.

Problems other than the above.

Solution: Contact the local distributor for handling.